Cross-border power projects on the rise

By ReNew Canada 12:40PM March 02, 2017



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Day two at the 10th Global Leadership Infrastructure Forum in Montréal shone a spotlight on the development of significant infrastructure projects around the world, including two cross-border power projects.

The Champlain Hudson Power Express (CHPE), a 536-kilometre 1,000 MW HVDC transmission line running from Quebec to New York State, was one of just four cross-border projects to receive Presidential Permits during the administration of former U.S. President Barack Obama. The estimated $2.2 billion project, planing for which got underway in 2008, is now fully-permitted by state and federal authorities south of the border.

The introduction of New York’s clean energy standard in 2016 now makes the project attractive to move forward, as the CHPE would represent approximately one-third of the renewable power needed. Also the recent announcement of the closure of the Indian Point nuclear station, slated for 2021, could provide the final push needed for the development of the CHPE, which would provide approximately one-half of the power originally generated at Indian Point.

The New England Clean Power Link (NECPL), also a 1,000 MW HVDC buried transmission line, would run from Quebec to the state of Vermont. Under development since 2013, the proposed $1.2 billion project would provide clean power to the Coolidge Substation in Cavendish, Vermont, where the power could be uploaded to the New England power grid.

Vermont does not currently have need for the power generated by the NECPL. However, there is demand for clean power on the New England grid, as reflected by the upcoming Request for Proposals in Massachusetts, calling for 9.45 terrawatts of clean energy.

The two cross-border power projects are two of four currently under development. The Manitoba-Minnesota Transmission Project, as well as the Lake Erie Connector Project, are also under development.

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