Schwartz to advise Manitoba on legality of carbon pricing implementation

By ReNew Canada 07:28AM August 04, 2017



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The Manitoba government has asked Dr. Bryan Schwartz, a constitutional law expert at the University of Manitoba, to provide a legal opinion on the federal government’s authority to implement a carbon pricing regime in Manitoba.

“Dr. Schwartz is a well-known Manitoban expert on constitutional law who will provide a legal opinion to help guide our government in its development of a made-in-Manitoba climate and carbon pricing plan,” said Heather Stefanson, minister of justice. “Our government looks forward to receiving his assessment as we seek clarity in this fundamentally important matter.”

Schwartz will provide a legal opinion on the constitutionality of the federal government’s proposed carbon pricing benchmark and backstop proposals. He will also consider the authority of the province to assert its own made-in-Manitoba plan. His report will be made public this fall.

Schwartz is a national expert in constitutional, trade, and labour laws, serving as chair of the constitutional section of the Canadian Bar Association. He has advised the governments of Canada, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Yukon in the past, and has also been an advisor to the Assembly of First Nations.

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