South Permieter Highway contract awarded

By ReNew Canada 07:09AM November 13, 2017



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An engineering consultant has been hired to provide a functional design study for the reconstruction of the South Perimeter Highway (PTH 100) in Manitoba, including the proposed future St. Norbert bypass.

“The design study will consider options for safe, efficient and cost-effective access points along the South Perimeter Highway as well as options for a future bypass around St. Norbert,” said Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler.

The South Perimeter Highway will be redesigned to create a modern freeway similar to American interstate standards where interchanges with overpass structures, ramps or loops, and service roads provide highway access. The functional design will also include plans for a future western bypass of the St. Norbert neighbourhood, starting at PTH 75 south of the area and running north to PTH 100 at Kenaston Boulevard.

The minister noted the study will need to address:

  • future interchange locations;
  • future railroad grade separations;
  • bridge replacements and/or modifications;
  • access requirements;
  • rights-of-way requirements;
  • traffic projections, interchange and intersection analyses;
  • improvements to interchanges and all major road intersections;
  • locations of utilities and illumination;
  • long-term drainage plans;
  • City of Winnipeg transit requirements and active transportation accommodations;
  • trucking and transport requirements;
  • construction staging; and
  • stakeholder consultations and public engagement.

The functional design study will guide more detailed design work and reconstructions on PTH 100 in the future, preserve the necessary land for the proposed St. Norbert bypass and support local area development and land-use planning, the minister noted.

WSP Canada Group Limited was the successful proponent following a competitive bid process.  Four engineering consultants submitted proposals.  WSP’s proposal was selected as it offered the best value for money of all proposals received, Schuler said, adding the study is expected to take two years to complete and will include consultations with the public and stakeholders.

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