Waste to Energy in B.C.

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The City of Surrey, British Columbia, will be the site of the Metro Vancouver Region’s first organics biofuel processing facility.

The Region will essentially use its waste to power waste collection. The new facility will process food and yard waste from residential and commercial sources, producing natural gas that will then be used to power the City’s waste collection fleet.

Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts said in a press release, “We’re focusing on growth in the clean energy technology industries in Surrey, and this facility demonstrates our commitment to this sector.  It will help us meet the goals we outlined in our Sustainability Charter and position ourselves as a leader in the sustainability sector.”

The proposed facility, which will process 80,000 metric tonnes of waste per year, will get Surrey and Metro Vancouver closer to a 70 per cent waste diversion target set for 2015.

The Port Kells Industrial Park is the proposed site for the plant.  It’s near the Surrey Transfer Station, which should lead to more efficient waste collection because both garbage and organic waste will be delivered to one central site, rather than separate disposal locations.

According to the City, organic waste disposal will cost less than traditional disposal. It could also be extremely beneficial to the local economy, as nearby jurisdictions will likely send their organic waste to be treated in Surrey.

A request for proposal for this project should be out over the next few months.

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