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By ReNew Canada 07:18AM April 07, 2017



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Strong sustainable communities, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and projects that grow the economy will be the focus of federal government investment in infrastructure in the years ahead.

In a panel discussion alongside Ontario Minister of Infrastructure Bob Chiarelli, federal Minister of Infrastructure and Communities Amarjeet Sohi discussed how the government will apply its green lens to infrastructure projects it funds in the years ahead. That will involve working closely with both municipalities and the province on projects that will move Canada towards a low-carbon economy.

“It is very important fur us to drill down with the municipalities and provinces the outcomes-based approach,” Sohi said. “One of the outcomes we want to achieve through these investments is to build more green communities, and support more green investments into infrastructure. I think that is where we see the potential for us to partner with local governments and the provinces.”

Building the sustainable communities of the future includes a commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the lifecycle of the asset.

“It’s not just about the initial construction phase,” Sohi said. “We need to start looking at how infrastructure […] is helping us move toward more sustainable communities. So there might be some up front greenhouse gas production because of the construction, but if the project overall is reducing greenhouse gas emissions, I think that’s how we need to start looking at it. More of the lifecycle of the whole project, and how does that help us move toward more green communities.”

See below for additional coverage from GLOBE Capital, which took place April 4-5 in Toronto:

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