Construction begins on the Woodward Wastewater Treatment Plant

By ReNew Canada 11:39AM August 21, 2017



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Over the next five years, Hamilton’s Woodward Wastewater Treatment Plant will receive $340 million in upgrades. The first project under this multi-year, multi-phase initiative officially kicked off with a tour at the construction site for the new Raw Sewage Pumping Station.

Hamilton Harbour was identified as a Great Lakes Area of Concern in 1987 as a result of degraded water quality and environmental health. There are a number of ongoing projects designed to have a direct impact on the health of the local environment, specifically water quality, including these significant upgrades to the Woodward Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The upgrade project is funded under the Green Infrastructure Fund with $100 million from the Government of Canada and $100 million from the Ontario government. The balance is funded through the City of Hamilton’s capital budget.

The Woodward Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrade will be ongoing until approximately 2022 and will include:

  • New Raw Sewage Pumping Station;
  • New energy centre/electrical upgrades;
  • The addition of a tertiary level of treatment;
  • New chlorine contact tank;
  • Upgrades to the Red Hill Creek outfall; and
  • Upgrades to the collection system.

The new Raw Sewage Pumping Station will have increased capacity for wet weather, helping to avoid the discharge of treated wastewater into Hamilton Harbour. The current pumping station is designed to pump 1300 ML/d (megalitres per day). The new pumping station will be designed to pump approximately 1,700 ML/d.

The design features of the new Raw Sewage Pumping Station include a larger and deeper wet well to process higher flows, a split wet well that will allow for easier maintenance. Half of the station can be isolated for repairs without stopping or disrupting pumping operations.

The existing Raw Sewage Pumping Station will be decommissioned once the new station is operational.

The Raw Sewage Pumping Station project will cost approximately $90 million and will also include creating a new entrance into the plant from Woodward Avenue. A joint venture between Maple Reinders and Ball Construction, Maple/Ball, is the primary contractor for the project.

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