Project Location: Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York

Team: Matthew Stoner, Lukas LaLiberte, Debby Yeh, David Parker

Adaptive Urban Habitats, winner of the 3C Competition, is a standardized kit of parts produced by local manufacturing facilities that can be deployed to infill vertically above existing neighborhoods. This strategy increases buildable space and density, protecting future development from rising sea levels and flooding while also being contextually sensitive.

Entrants are asked to address a specific Northeastern coastal community, research the damage to that area and local community character. Then design a ‘prototype’ resilient housing typology responding to the local conditions and integrate the prototype into a neighborhood context in the scale of the neighborhood block. It is run by Operation Resilient Long Island, a grassroots committee of young emerging architects from Long Island and New York City. The committee exists as a collaborative response to Superstorm Sandy and all subsequent natural disasters, founded to explore and develop methods to aid local communities by finding long-term resilient building and design solutions.

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