As anyone who has worked in the energy sector knows, success does not come easily; it is the outcome of careful planning and a LOT of hard work. Operators need to have the right plan, the right equipment for the job, and they have to be able to count on their equipment to work for them when they need it.

For years, Brandt Engineered Products has used their complete life-cycle approach as the foundation for delivering consistent support for all aspects of the energy industry. From simple quick-turnaround repairs to complex custom-designed-and-built machines, Brandt has built their track record on helping operators maintain supply integrity or solve critical production problems.

Strong Team, Strong Process
Brandt’s multidisciplinary team completes every project phase in-house—from scoping and design through to manufacturing, and final testing. As a result, they’re able to maintain strict quality control and ensure that nothing goes out the door until it’s 100% standards-compliant.

“Our in-house team has decades of experience designing reliable equipment and configuring it for customer facilities and we’re very proud of that history” says Allan Harapiak, Vice President of Sales – Direct Channel, Brandt Group of Companies “We work closely with operators to comply with process requirements, meet targeted production rates and optimize space usage.”

Over 100-strong and headquartered in the company’s state-of-the-art North Regina Works campus, the Brandt engineering team collaborates using the latest tools and technologies to assess opportunities and unique challenges, sharing knowledge across departments and drawing on expertise from a variety of sectors including wind, solar, hydro, and natural gas and coal-fired power generation.

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The result is better technology solutions that meet or exceed industry requirements and ensure superior performance in the field.

The company has built the capacity to execute a broad range of projects from large-scale transmission structures and wind project components to hydro infrastructure, solar racking, maintenance facilities, and more in their plants in Canada and the U.S., with a full suite of world-class capabilities for fabrication, machining, assembly and automation.

“For us, the process doesn’t end when manufacturing or repairs are complete; we also have the capability to install and commission,” adds Tim Schuster, Director of Sales – Energy, Brandt Group of Companies. “Our years of industry experience allow us to quickly, safely and efficiently execute all project installations, wherever the need takes us. We’ve sent our teams to locations across the globe over the years!”

The entire process is managed via the company’s PMP-certified project management team; integrated into the engineering and design process to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective approach to the commissioning and hand-over phases for every Brandt project. They have direct access to the engineering and manufacturing teams from start to finish, which allows for quick resolution to any issues and ensures that scope, schedule and budget targets are met, every time.

Industrial Repairs
Infrastructure uptime is absolutely critical in the energy sector, so machining and repair services for turbines, generators, rotors, shafts, compressor housings, and other large generating components have become a key component of the Brandt offering. With downtime a major risk factor and profit-killer, getting infrastructure back up and running sooner and for longer is a top priority for the team at Brandt. Their full-service repair and refurbishment team works closely with engineers and designers to ensure that every repaired component meets or exceeds OEM standards, and strives to incorporate productivity enhancing design improvements, as required.

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Located next to an EAF steel mill, rolling mill, ERW and spiral pipe mills and pipe coating facilities, they’ve gained a wealth of firsthand process knowledge and can respond quickly with large- and small-scale machining and scheduled outage support and on-site field services including machining and custom fabrication.

Coal and Natural Gas
Reliability and high capacity are hallmarks of the coal and natural-gas-fired sectors and Brandt has built a long-standing reputation for excellence by providing the key support services that are vital to this success. The company delivers comprehensive outage support, turbine and casing repair, OEM-contract manufacturing, custom equipment fabrication, repair and refurbishment, on-site services, structural steel and engineering services.

Brandt’s long history in manufacturing and engineering consulting make them the perfect partner for renewable energy projects including wind, solar, and hydro. Their customers benefit from two state-of-the-art facilities that are ISO 9001- and CWB-certified, fully equipped to manufacture, repair, and refurbish a broad range renewable energy components, and ideally located to serve the energy market.

In the end, success is always a team effort and strong partnerships are the best insurance against costly service interruptions. Brandt’s complete life-cycle approach has made them a go-to partner for energy producers and distributors around the world.

“When all is said and done, we exist to help ensure energy infrastructure security,“ concludes Schuster. “And, working hand-in-hand with producers is the only way; there’s far too much at stake to leave things to chance.”


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