A group of cleantech professionals and entrepreneurs have launched getcleantech.com — a global hub that is disrupting the way people connect to and do business in cleantech. The platform aggregates the clean technology industry, helps accelerate project adoption and financing, and matches professionals to new projects and others in their field.

“The global marketplace for clean technology is now over US$1 trillion, so it was obvious that the cleantech industry would need a dedicated networking site for innovators, experts, financiers, and tech adopters. We have now provided that,” said Gray Taylor, environmental lawyer and co-founder of Getcleantech Inc.

Emerging markets, led by China, are investing in cleantech at unprecedented rates and in many cases outpacing North American and the EU. This rate of cleantech growth means that innovators, experts and project funding must reach across geographic boundaries to succeed.

“Now, more than ever, we need a platform for cleantech adoption. Getcleantech.com applies familiar networking user experiences like LinkedIn and Uber to unique matching algorithms specific to the people, projects, and products in the cleantech space,” said Susan Sheehan, sustainability expert and co-founder. Members can join online and immediately plug into the global cleantech community.

“Cleantech innovators need an online place to gather, to profile their expertise and technologies, and to join forces on real world projects,” said Nicholas Parker, managing partner of Global Acceleration Partners and past chairman of The Cleantech Group LLC. “Getcleantech was built to serve this need. I’m looking forward to this community growing and accelerating the adoption of cleantech worldwide.” –

To help mitigate the risks posed by climate change and better understand the business opportunities in the growing global cleantech marketplace, industry associations, accelerator hubs, technology incubators, private research departments, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, academic institutions, and other stakeholders are connecting and engaging on Getcleantech.com.

“I’ve been watching the Getcleantech concept evolve for a couple of years now. I’ve always believed in the power of global cleantech pioneers coming together through a matchmaking community of projects and capabilities,” said Danny Kennedy, managing director CALCEF and co-Founder of Sungevity. “So, it’s great to see it has now become a reality.”


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