GOing Electric?

By ReNew Canada 06:21AM May 27, 2009



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Metrolinx is going to study the electrification of its entire GO Transit rail system as a future alternative to diesel trains currently in service. An external advisory committee made up of community reps will be established to advise Metrolinx.

“This committee’s advice will be important as we move forward in designing the study to guide us in converting GO Transit’s urban rail network from diesel to electric,” said Rob Prichard, president and CEO of Metrolinx, in a release.

Metrolinx recently released its official plan for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, The Big Move, recommending future Express Rail service throughout the region, for which electrification is an important element.

Chair of Metrolinx, Rob MacIsaac, said, “This study is the critical next step. I am very pleased that we are moving forward on this issue in a comprehensive way.”

The study could startas early as this summer and be done by winter 2010.

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