Good News and Bad News for Bombardier

By ReNew Canada 03:08PM April 04, 2009



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As auto manufacturers struggle, the new funding for transit in Ontario is bringing work over to the rail side of the transportation spectrum. Thunder Bay’s Bombardier plant will be filling orders for 20 new bi-level railcars. GO Transit will be using the railcars to add capacity to existing lines.

The Province will invest up to $30 million in this project if it qualifies for funding under the Building Canada Fund–the total federal and provincial investment will be $60 million.

Good news for Bombardier’s rail sector comes the day after the Toronto Star reported  Bombardier had to cut about 10 per cent of its aerospace workforce – including 475 jobs at its Downsview, Ontario, facility. Bombardier will cut 3,000 jobs in business jet manufacturing by the end of the year.

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