Infrastructure Ontario and ORC to Merge

By ReNew Canada 09:59AM February 01, 2011



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Ontario is proposing a merger that to merge two government agencies into a single, organization as a cost-cutting measure. According to the Province, the merger would save Ontarians an estimated $5 million annually by reducing waste, eliminating duplication.

It’s not a done deal yest—legislation will be introduced by the Province to merge the ORC, which manages the province’s extensive real estate holdings, and Infrastructure Ontario, which oversees the renewal of the province’s hospitals, courthouses, water systems, roads, bridges and other public assets. The new agency would be responsible for: developing, approving and managing provincial infrastructure projects; providing infrastructure-related loans to various public sector clients, such as municipalities; managing the province’s real estate services and transactions, and; overseeing the government’s accommodation needs and maintaining government properties and assets, including land and buildings.

The move results is part of a Provincial initiative to reduce the number of agencies by five per cent.

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