New justice centre coming to Red Deer

By ReNew Canada 11:08AM March 30, 2017



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A new justice centre with 12 courtrooms and space for dispute resolution services will be built to serve Red Deer and central Alberta residents.

The new Red Deer Justice Centre will address a prolonged space shortage in the current courthouse to help meet the region’s justice needs. Since the existing courthouse was built in the 1980s, the city’s population has almost doubled and the surrounding area’s population has also increased substantially.

The facility will increase the number of courtrooms in central Alberta from seven to 12 and create a Resolution Services wing. This section will provide dispute resolution, civil and family mediation, arbitration and other alternatives to court.

“We have been actively working with the Alberta government and local stakeholders for a number of years to resolve the critical need for court capacity in Red Deer,” said Tara Veer, mayor of Red Deer. “Community safety is a priority for citizens in Red Deer and this region, and this significant announcement acknowledges the province’s support of this justice need. A new Red Deer Justice Centre, including 12 courtrooms, helps ensure more charges are upheld – an important part of the city’s enforcement and community safety efforts.”

Although the project is still in the planning phase, at least $97 million has been allocated for the new centre over the next four years. This initiative, as with other capital projects across the province, will create jobs and stimulate Alberta’s economy. The next step is to secure land and begin design work, which will be used to help plan the construction schedule.

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6 months ago
Hi Ron, Thanks for your comment. Sorry for our slow reply. The Red Deer Justice Centre will absolutely be situated in Alberta. We only cover the infrastructure development side of the story. However, there is more public information available via google search, or you can contact Red Deer's city hall to learn more. Best, RC team
Ron Kinch
8 months ago
Not Red Deer, AB, Red Deer College, MB? Can you tell me more on this?