Quebec adopts law sending construction labourers back to work

By ReNew Canada 06:48AM May 31, 2017



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The Government of Quebec has announced the adoption of project law No. 142 by the National Assembly of Quebec, An Act to ensure the resumption of work in the construction industry and dispute settlement for the renewal of collective agreements.

On May 31, construction workers will resume work on construction sites. The labor and management parties are also required to continue discussions with a view to concluding new negotiated agreements in the four sectors of industry. They will be accompanied by mediators appointed by the Minister.

“We recognize the importance of the right to strike and bargaining,” said Dominique Vien, minister of labour for the Government of Quebec. “However, it was our responsibility to consider not only the major economic impact of the conflict but also the social harm. I now invite the parties to negotiate and I assure them of the full cooperation of the government in this matter so that they can come to a negotiated agreement. ”

In addition to ending the conflict, the Act provides

  • A return to work on May 31, 2017;
  • A salary increase of 1.8%;
  • The maintenance of the working conditions laid down in the mature collective agreements until the settlement of the dispute;
  • A mandatory mediation period extending no later than October 30, 2017;
  • Arbitration in the event that the mediation period does not allow the parties to reach an agreement.

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