Prefab sustainable building company, LivingHomes, is now building homes in Canada through a partnership with Manitoba-based fabricator Conquest Manufacturing Ltd. The first four LivingHomes will be built by new, Toronto-based developer, Nexterra Green Homes.

There has been more interest in Canada for sustainable design and for modern architecture than most any country in the world, says LivingHomes CEO Steve Glenn. LivingHomes uses high volume, factory production which increases quality while reducing cost, schedule, and construction waste– compared to those that are designed and built conventionally and on-site.

The LivingHomes designed for Canada include open floor plans with exterior decks, a green roof that is solar-ready, and geothermal systems for heating and cooling. The LivingHomes feature triple-paned, argon filled glass and blown-in closed cell insulation, both of which will reduce heat loss during winter, and low flow, high-efficiency plumbing fixtures, a rainwater catchment system, and a greywater system that capture water from sinks and showers for irrigation.

The LivingHomes designed for Canada are striving to achieve Energy Star and LEED Platinum certification. Purchase prices, which include the land and home, start  at around $1.6 million.


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