Monday, August 15, 2022

Tag: Asset Management

Smart Assets

The long-awaited ISO 55000 series of standards was officially released in January 2014 and is composed of three separate standards. The first—ISO 55000, “Overview, Principals...

A Smarter City

By Jim Dobbs Urban theorist Jane Jacobs called cities “problems in organized complexity.” Consider Jacobs’s example of a public park: a park’s use depends on...

Silent but Deadly

A massive explosion rocked the Regina Consumers’ Co-operative Refineries in October 2011, injuring 52 people. Investigators concluded that there was “a catastrophic failure” in...

What Lies Beneath

In 2012, the Damage Information Reporting Tool (DIRT) reported more than 230,000 incidents of underground utility damage during excavation across Canada and the United...

Slow Uptake

A common theme among Canadian municipalities is the struggle to maintain, repair, and replace deteriorating municipal infrastructure like roads, water, and sewer networks. Traditionally,...

Assets or Liabilities?

As Canada remembers the De la Concorde overpass collapse in the Montreal suburb of Laval that happened seven years ago, the state of the...

A Window into the Underground

Canadians are the world’s second largest per capita users of water, with an average household use of up to 329 litres per person, per...