Thursday, August 11, 2022

Tag: energy

Top 100 Spotlight

ReNew Canada has produced the Top 100 Projects report for the past nine years. The listing of Canada’s 100 biggest projects (ranked by project...

The Smart Energy Utility

Across Canada, a handful of energy utilities have been thinking outside the box. Rather than providing individual energy services—such as electricity, natural gas, and...

Supply and Demand

In any market, the key to success is matching supply with demand. Oversupply, and resources are wasted; undersupply, and increased prices frustrate consumers. Market...

Guelph Building City-Wide District Energy Network

The new high-efficiency heating and cooling system in the Sleeman Centre in downtown Guelph, Ontario is an important step toward building a city-wide district...

The Future of Renewables

At a national level, when Canada is compared to other countries, the renewable energy forecast appears to predict a safe, steady increase in capacity....

From Vision to Reality

Communities across Canada are grappling with concerns about energy security, global warming, and environmental impacts of energy. In the search for ways to plan...

Under Your Control

It is predicted that within 15 years, commercial and residential buildings will be the world’s biggest emitters of greenhouse gases. What’s more, buildings are...

Blow by Blow

Ontario currently leads the country in wind power capacity—and some southern Ontario communities are none too pleased by this development. There is a belief...

Mountains and Oceans: The World’s Energy Future

There’s no clear consensus on when the rate of petroleum extraction is expected to max out, but a new Royal Dutch Shell report isn’t...