The Long-Term Infrastructure Planning Process is Critical: FCM

By ReNew Canada 12:05PM January 05, 2012



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“High-quality infrastructure is essential to keep our economy strong,” said CEO of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Brock Carleton said at a meeting of the Standing Senate Committee on National Finance last December

Carleton was one of a handful of representatives who spoke at the second day of hearings over Bill C-13, an Act to implement certain provisions of the 2011 budget.

Canada’s Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities Denis Lebel invited partners to join in developing a long-term infrastructure plan last November.

“Without the funding to maintain what we build, minor repairs turn into major repairs, and major repairs lead to all-out replacement. Short-term thinking weakens our infrastructure and costs taxpayers money in the long run,” said Carleton, who applauded the federal government’s recent move toward more long-term funding programs, and expressed hope that the latest long-term infrastructure planning process, as promised in the budget and launched by Minister Denis Lebel in December, will continue that trend.

“This is a once-in-a-generation chance to take stock of our needs, identify priorities and design fast, efficient programs that deliver results for Canadians,” said Carleton.

Carleton also called for better intergovernmental cooperation. “Working together, federal, provincial, territorial and municipal governments fought the recession and created hundreds of thousands of jobs in record time…we must look for more opportunities to bring down the walls between governments.”


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