Winnipeg awards $180-million sewage plant contract

By ReNew Canada 10:29AM October 03, 2017



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The City of Winnipeg has awarded a $180-million contract for sewage upgrades in the city, including work on the South End Water Pollution Control Centre.

According to a CBC News report, the contract was awarded to NAC Constructors (NAC) of Morriston, Ont. The Construction Labour Relations Association of Manitoba had requested that the municipal’s waste-and-waste committee consider a slightly higher bid ($182 million) from PCL Construction, who has a local presence in Winnipeg. However, the committee chose to accept an administrative recommendation to accept the lower bid from NAC.

According to the original notice to bidders issued by the City of Winnipeg, the contract involves:

  • Upgrades to raw sewage pumping and wet well modifications;
  • New screening/grit building with associated process systems;
  • New primary Vortex grit removal system and upgrades to the existing grit system;
  • Modifications to the existing headworks configuration, upgrade screens;
  • New Actiflo high rate clarifier system (HRC);  (City of Winnipeg to supply certain equipment)
  • New Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) reactors; (City of Winnipeg to supply certain equipment)
  • BNR Aeration Blower Building with associated process systems;
  • Two new secondary clarifiers, upgrades to existing clarifiers;
  • New chemical / electrical building and associated process systems;
  • New centralized diesel standby generators;
  • Upgrades to the existing ultraviolet disinfection system;
  • New 66kV substation;
  • Upgrade electrical service and distribution system;
  • Upgrade existing distributed control system (DCS) to PLC based system;
  • Upgrade plant control/administration fibre network;
  • Upgrade existing Human Machine Interface (HMI) systems;
  • Control system integration;
  • Modifications to existing Administration Building including reconfiguring Control Room/Server Rooms;
  • Reconfigure existing High Purity Oxygen (HPO) reactors as fermenter/biofilter; and
  • Reconfigure existing Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) area to sludge thickening.

The $335.6-million South End Water Pollution Control Centre work is currently scheduled for completion in September 2021.

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