InfraIntelligence Discussion Series

ReNew Canada’s InfraIntelligence discussion series focuses on topics in the national infrastructure landscape that are not being talked about enough, or perhaps need a fresh perspective considered. Topics are determined by our editorial team based on the information we collect in our day-to-day coverage of the Canadian public sector infrastructure industry.

Discussions are held on the fourth Thursday of each month beginning at 10:00a.m. eastern time. There are also special editions that are held when the timing of the conversation is appropriate.

All discussions are free and fully interactive. Anyone who registers will also be able to access a free recording of the event.

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Canada has made a commitment to reducing its carbon emissions. Doing so will mean reducing the amount of greenhouse gases we produce as a result of burning things like fossil fuels.

Across the country, there is the capacity for the creation of new or expanded assets that produce clean, renewable energy. Hydroelectric facilities can be expanded, new solar and wind projects are being planned, and there are other emerging technologies that can play in the energy mix at a lower carbon footprint than fossil fuels.

This conversation will focus on the barriers to further removing fossil fuels from our energy mix, the ability to expand renewable energy assets and the energy they could provide, where the quick wins are available now, and the policy/governance needed to support the move to an electrified economy.

Speakers include:

  • Robert Hornung – President and CEO, Canadian Renewable Energy Association
  • Patrick Bateman – Interim President, WaterPower Canada
  • Keith Sones – EVP, Strategy & Business Development & VP, Ontario Operations, Valard Construction
  • Kevin Palmer-Wilson – Research Associate, Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions
  • Andrew Macklin – Managing Editor, ReNew Canada (moderator)

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One week after the U.S. election has come to a close, the dust is settling down south and companies throughout North America are starting to understand what the new reality could look like over the next four years.

We’ve heard a lot about infrastructure during the campaign. Candidates in almost every state talked about the need to invest in different parts of the U.S. public sector. Now it’s time to get to work and try and turn those campaign promises into roads, hospitals, schools, rail lines, and wind/solar farms.

This one-hour discussion will look at what happened south of the border, and what we can expect to see for infrastructure development as a result. Once we have established that, we’ll take a look at how those developments could impact the Canadian market. Will bi-national projects move forward? Will we lose skilled workers to the U.S. market? Will there be a heightened demand for Canadian clean power?

Canadian companies need to know what they are up against as they determine where to focus their efforts in order to secure business and grow their operations. We hope this conversation will offer some insights that will help them understand where their business might go in the years ahead.

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What happens when the demand for mobility changes on a moment’s notice? Buses and trains still need to run, but perhaps on different routes, with more/less capacity and changing frequencies. More pedestrians hit the streets, but what assets do they have to get around without flagging down a cab or using an app to hail an Uber?

As new technologies are introduced, and more people get out of their cars in favour of transit and pedestrian options, the need to meet the demands of the urban traveller and commuter becomes even greater.

In this session, we will explore how cities can improve their options for greater mobility on demand, and find ways to adjust transit options to meet the adapting needs of their community.

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In October, we will make a formal announcement of the topics for our discussion series for the first half of 2021.

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