Wednesday, April 24, 2024

INFRAIntelligence Podcast Series

Season One

01 - Building Disaster Resilient Infrastructure

How resilient is resilient enough? Industry experts discuss what it will take to build infrastructure that's tough enough to stand up to climate change.

02 - Mass Timber - Coming of Age

In this episode of INFRAIntelligence, high-profile projects, new building codes, and some heavy-duty myth busting – confidence surrounding mass timber has never been stronger.

03 - Canada’s Nuclear Future

In this episode of INFRAIntelligence, a discussion of how nuclear fits into the broader fuel mix, SMRs, and what’s needed to triple our energy resources by 2050.

04 - Funding Indigenous Megaprojects

In this episode of INFRAIntelligence, partnerships between First Nations communities and developers are leading to some of Canada’s most incredible assets.

05 - Digital Age of Construction

In this episode of INFRAIntelligence, technology transforms the way Canadians work, live, and play. Industry experts explore the use of construction and technology in infrastructure and public works.

06 - Funding Green Infrastructure

In this episode of INFRAIntelligence, the Canadian government plans to develop all future infrastructure assets through a green lens. Industry experts discuss the impact this will have in a post-pandemic economy.

07 - Is Cost Driving Energy Solutions?

In this episode of INFRAIntelligence, when municipalities are faced with the decision to develop new power assets, what is driving their choice?

08 - What's Driving Public Transit?

Industry experts tackle pressing transit issues and answer the biggest question of all: Why does public transit take so long to build?