ReNew Canada May June 2023 Resources

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5 Note that not all procurement processes are for construction services. For example, an owner may want to procure a design engineer to act as their consultant. However, for simplicity, this article refers to Contract B as a Construction Contract.

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14 In Vachon, the successful bid for a construction contract to build a grandstand facility had incorrectly stated the price. The price expressed in words was $4000 higher than the price expressed in numerals. Upon opening the bids publicly and realizing the error, the owner asked for clarification from the bidder. The Court concluded that the bid was invalid and incapable of being accepted because it was uncertain as to price, and that contract price is always a fundamental term of a construction contract.

MG Logging & Sons v British Columbia, 2015 BCCA 526 applied Vachon and also suggested that uncertainty as to the identity of the bidder renders a bid materially defective. MG Logging & Sons was originally identified as the successful bidder for a timber licence auctioned by the Ministry, but the bid mistakenly provided the registration number for a different company. After determining the bid was not objectively compliant on its face, the Court held that no rights had crystallized and the Ministry was under no obligation to take steps to confirm the proper identity of the applicant.

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