Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Tag: financing

A Roadmap to On Time, On Budget for Mega-Project Planning

By Matti Siemiatycki Municipalities across Canada are in the midst of an infrastructure building boom. After decades of underinvestment, billions of dollars are being promised and...

Canada’s Next Top Model?

Since the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) was first launched in 1992 by the United Kingdom’s Conservative government, the use of private-sector capacity and public...

Follow the Green

The Government of Ontario will soon launch its green bonds program, making the first issues available through its current dealer group to Canadian and...

Balancing Act

Properly maintained water and wastewater systems underpin our quality of life. Most Canadians are unaware of the poor condition of these systems and the...

The Future of Renewables

At a national level, when Canada is compared to other countries, the renewable energy forecast appears to predict a safe, steady increase in capacity....

Beyond the Money

Public-private partnerships (P3) are often viewed as a way for cash-strapped municipalities to meet increasing fiscal challenges. It is true that P3s—or alternative finance...

The New Brain Drain

Over the past decade, the Canadian public-private partnership (P3) market has been one of the most active in the world. With more than 200...