Monday, December 11, 2023

Tag: Stormwater management

Toronto launches TBM for stormwater tunnel and flooding prevention project

The City of Toronto marked a major milestone for the Fairbank Silverthorn Storm Trunk Sewer System project (No. 100 on ReNew's Top100 Projects report),...

Project finds natural assets part of community climate infrastructure

The Grindstone Creek Watershed Natural Asset Project is the first of its kind in Ontario, bringing partners from across jurisdictions to address their shared...

Innovative stormwater facility project overcomes numerous challenges

An award-winning design marks an auspicious start to any project. But when the architecture is daring and the structure must house an innovative stormwater...

SPONSORED: Helping municipalities mitigate flood risks and protect their communities

Over the last decade, flooding has become the costliest extreme weather disaster affecting Canadians. According to research by Intact Center on Climate Adaptation, the...