SNC-Lavalin announced the launch of Decarbonomics, a data-driven initiative to decarbonize the built environment in a cost-effective way and accelerate the global journey to net zero.

The Decarbonomics initiative builds on SNC-Lavalin’s methods and practices to deliver high-performing buildings and developments, interconnected by smart and green systems and infrastructure. It is being launched as both private and public sectors are looking at ways to reduce their carbon emissions at pace as the built environment contributes around 40% of global carbon emissions and the majority of the buildings that will exist in 2050 are already built.

“Creating the net zero communities of the future relies, in part, on effective decarbonization of existing assets. Decarbonomics is a concrete example of how we can help clients meet their net zero targets and is in line with our comprehensive Engineering Net Zero approach,” said Ian L. Edwards, president and CEO, SNC-Lavalin. “We provide sustainable solutions by connecting people, data and technology in partnership with clients such as the UK Goverment Property Agency, delivering decarbonization for its 450-building portfolio.”

According to the company, Decarbonomics brings together SNC-Lavalin’s expertise and knowledge of building services, engineering design, asset management, project management, cost consulting, data analytics and data visualizations. Founded on the decarbonization of existing building portfolios, Decarbonomics is an end-to-end service based on a simple three-step approach of benchmarking, road mapping and delivery of an organization’s decarbonization program:

  • Benchmark: develop a carbon baseline
  • Roadmap: design a cost-effective carbon reduction pathway
  • Deliver: implement our carbon reduction solutions

The three-step approach is underpinned by Carbon Data Insights, a diverse mix of global open-source benchmark databases as well as SNC-Lavalin’s own rich building data library. The result is a decarbonized estate, achieved through the strategy for achieving carbon reduction from behaviour change to building retrofit interventions, and measuring progress across the portfolio and asset lifecycle.

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“Decarbonomics is founded on the principle of systems thinking and brings our diverse expertise and knowledge of the built environment and buildings together in a way that enables us to make carbon visible at the portfolio level. This empowers our clients to make much more informed decisions about their investments in decarbonization,” said Stuart McLaren, the Decarbonomics development director, SNC-Lavalin.

Featured image: Using data-driven solution to decarbonize the built environment in a cost-effective way and accelerate the global journey to net zero (CNW Group/SNC-Lavalin)


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