The Government of Canada and the Township of Mapleton announced over $5 million in joint funding towards the design and construction of a new pumping station to replace the Drayton Sewage Pumping Station.

The project will also consist of installing new sanitary system connections, called forcemains, to the existing wastewater collection system, and constructing an overflow storage facility. These upgrades will allow the system to accommodate higher volumes of water during storms and prevent sewage discharges.

Replacing the Drayton Sewage Pumping Station will further protect the community and nearby waterways during severe weather events. The station will also become easier to maintain and more energy efficient through the installation of isolation valves and high-efficiency pumps.

“Flood disasters are the most common and costly natural disasters affecting Canadians. Climate change has led to their increased frequency, causing more severe damage in many communities across the country, including those in Wellington County. The Government of Canada is investing to help communities not only mitigate the damage caused by severe weather, but also adapt to it. Replacing the Drayton Sewage Pumping Station will help to protect the environment and residents of Mapleton from the impacts of flooding events,”  said Tim Louis, MP for Kitchener—Conestoga.

The Government of Canada is investing over $2 million in this project through the Disaster and Mitigation Adaptation Fund (DMAF) and he Township of Mapleton is contributing over $3 million.

“Repairing and expanding Mapleton’s wastewater system is important to our community. We are thankful to the Government of Canada for contributing over $2 million towards our goals.  This funding will be used to help safeguard our system from future flooding events and build capacity for community growth,” said Gregg Davidson, Mayor of the Township of Mapleton.

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Featured image: (Government of Canada)


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