The governments of Canada and Quebec announced an investment of more than $21 million to modernize the Société de transport de Sherbrooke (STS) and electrify its vehicles.

“When we invest in public transit, we’re not only fighting climate change, we’re also investing in the well-being of local residents. Like the people of Sherbrooke, who will soon have access to a more modern, reliable and efficient bus service. We continue to deliver for Quebecers through investments that will make a real difference to their everyday lives,” said Pablo Rodriguez, Minister of Transport and Quebec Lieutenant.

More than $18.6 million will support the electrification of the STS operations centre. This sum also covers the expansion of the main building, the installation of a new electric entrance, and the acquisition and commissioning of charging stations for the 40 future 100 per cent electric buses. These vehicles come from the contract announced on May 8, 2023 for the acquisition of 1229 electric city buses from Nova Bus.

“This is further proof that our government is massively supporting public transit in our regions. By offering direct benefits such as a 100% electric service adapted to the reality of its users, we are investing in improved services and quality of life for Quebecers,” said Geneviève Guilbault, Deputy Premier of Quebec and Minister of Transports and Sustainable Mobility.

In addition, $2.8 million is being invested to improve the customer experience. More specifically, boarding will be made easier and faster thanks to 140 new validators capable of accepting payment by credit card and QR code, which will be installed on the front and rear of all vehicles. The STS will also acquire 120 validators for paratransit to replace its token payment system and simplify fare management. Finally, passengers will be able to use Wi-Fi on board buses thanks to the acquisition and installation of a 5G/LTE modem communication system.

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“The Société de transport de Sherbrooke is very grateful for the support offered today by the governments of Canada and Quebec. In addition to the technological advances they will enable, these investments will help us deploy a public transit network that meets our ambitions, is accessible and innovative, and is in line with our strategic objectives. The entire population of Sherbrooke will benefit from these projects,” said Laure Letarte-Lavoie, president of the Société de transport de Sherbrooke.

The Government of Quebec is investing $12,482,553 through the Programme d’aide gouvernementale aux infrastructures de transport collectif. The Government of Canada is investing $8,963,126 through the same program. These funds come from the Public Transit component of the Integrated Bilateral Agreement Canada – Quebec for the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program. The Société de transport de Sherbrooke is contributing $1,579,322.

“The development of sustainable mobility is one of my administration’s priorities. With this major financial support for five projects, our government partners are backing the STS’s energy transition and making it easier for the entire Sherbrooke community to get around. All the members of the municipal council welcome these investments in our public transit system with great appreciation,” said Évelyne Beaudin, Mayor of Sherbrooke.

Featured image: (Government of Canada)


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