The Manitoba Government announced it will invest up to $40 million in servicing infrastructure to support the expansion and future development of CentrePort South.

“CentrePort is a key economic driver that will continue to create the ongoing investment and high-paying jobs essential for Winnipeg and all Manitobans,” said Premier Heather Stefanson. “Our government is pleased to provide needed certainty to the City of Winnipeg on this strategic infrastructure priority while continuing to call on the federal government to signal its own $20-million cost-matching intentions.”

An estimated $60 million is needed for water and sewer service infrastructure to support the first phase of the CentrePort South expansion, the premier noted. The City of Winnipeg has already committed $20 million to this project, conditional on provincial and federal cost-matching contributions. With today’s provincial commitment, all of the necessary project costs are in place, the premier added.

The extensive provincial engagement has yet to secure a firm $20-million funding commitment from the federal government. The premier noted the decision to move forward on this essential project cannot wait any longer and that, if necessary, the provincial government will fund up to two-thirds of the project cost.

“We applaud the Manitoba government’s initiative and its commitment to moving servicing forward in CentrePort South,” said Diane Gray, president and CEO, CentrePort Canada Inc. “Servicing these lands is an incredible step forward in furthering the development of the tri-modal inland port project, which will lead to increased employment and economic growth for the region. Upon full-build out, this area is expected to create over 16,000 person-years of employment and increase Manitoba’s GDP by over $950 million.”

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CentrePort Canada is North America’s largest tri-modal inland port and foreign trade zone, located in the City of Winnipeg and the RM of Rosser. Situated at the junction of multiple transportation corridors, its 20,000-acre site is a unique industrial and economic hub. It provides access to rail, truck and air cargo operations supporting Canadian trade, connecting businesses and supply chains to markets across the country, continent and around the world.

“We’ve seen the success of CentrePort North and now is the time to export that same model to develop prime industrial and residential land within the city,” said Martin McGarry, CEO, Cushman & Wakefield Stevenson, and president and CEO of MMI Asset Management, a local development firm. “This investment will be a key economic driver and everyone stands to benefit – CentrePort, Winnipeg and Manitoba. I applaud the Manitoba government for taking this bold step forward.”

Building permits for nearly $60 million in construction to support CentrePort have been issued in the RM of Rosser in 2022 and 600,000 square feet of new construction is underway. In the last five years, building permits for more than $350 million of construction have been issued to support CentrePort.

“This strategic investment is exactly the kind of effective leadership Manitobans expect to support jobs and economic prosperity. I will continue to work with other levels of government, Indigenous leaders, and our business and industry partners to deliver results that improve quality of life for Manitobans, create jobs, spur economic growth and provide hope and opportunities for our future generations. I am committed to listening to Manitobans, taking action on their priorities and getting things done for the benefit of all Manitobans,” said Stefanson.

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Featured image: (L to R) Manitoba Premier Heather Stefanson and Martin McGarry, CEO of development firm MMI Asset Management. (Twitter – @HStefansonMB)


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