The Oakville Trafalgar Community Centre (OTCC) is more energy efficient and costs less to run with the installation of a solar power system on the community centre and parking garage roof, thanks to the combined investment of more than $1.6 million from the federal government and the Town of Oakville. This project has reduced the facility’s greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption and provides the community with an environmentally friendly place to come together.

The federal government invested $1,006,489 in this project through the Green and Inclusive Community Buildings program (GICB) and the Town of Oakville is contributing $663,919.

“Investments in green energy and environmentally friendly infrastructure is vital for the well-being of our communities and for the generations of residents to come. The installation of a solar power system to the Oakville Trafalgar Community Centre will aid the facility in lowering operational costs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, while creating a sustainable and welcoming environment for the community,” said Anita Anand, President of the Treasury Board, MP for Oakville.

With an installation of more than 1,300 solar panels, the project is expected to generate at least  660 megawatt-hours per year. These improvements are expected to reduce the facility’s energy consumption by an estimated 43 per cent and greenhouse gas emissions by 19.9 tonnes annually.

“Improvements to community centres such as the Oakville Trafalgar Community Centre emphasize the importance of healthy lifestyles and environments by providing a space to gather, play, and socialize in an environmentally friendly way. The Government of Canada continues to invest in green infrastructure that will create a more sustainable community for generations to come,” said Pam Damoff, MP for Oakville North – Burlington.

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These sustainable upgrades at this facility are not only helping reduce costs, but also increasing the town’s resiliency to the changing climate and helping it reach its energy management goals.

“Oakville is grateful to the Government of Canada for partnering with the Town of Oakville to add solar panels to the Oakville Trafalgar Community Centre and helping us reach our target of becoming a Net Zero carbon corporation by 2050,” said Rob Burton, Mayor of the Town of Oakville.

Featured image: (Government of Canada)


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