The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador announced it has awarded $6.5 million to the City of Mount Pearl for municipal infrastructure improvements through the 2023-26 Multi-Year Capital Works Funding Program.

More than $3.6 million will be spent on the construction of a new community centre for the city, with the remainder allocated for water and sewer upgrades in the Holden Street/Ingerman Street section of the city.

“The Multi-Year Capital Works Funding Program is designed to support municipalities like Mount Pearl develop a wide range of municipal infrastructure which, in turn, supports its continued growth and development. Good infrastructure requires good planning, and this program allows for that, giving municipalities the opportunity to enhance and improve services,” said John G. Abbott, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure.

The Multi-Year Capital Works Program allows larger municipalities to avail of three-year blocks of funding, which supports improved planning and scheduling of work for major infrastructure projects. Funding is cost shared between provincial and municipal governments that have been designated as multi-year communities. Typical projects eligible for Multi-Year Capital Works funding are water and/or sewer, paving and/or road construction, municipal buildings and recreation facilities.

“With this announcement, the City of Mount Pearl is poised for growth. This is yet another commitment to ensuring efficient service delivery and meeting the diverse needs of our residents. We look forward to renewing vital infrastructure and building our new community centre,” said Dave Aker, Mayor of Mount Pearl.

“The multi-year funding program is very important to the City of Mount Pearl, as it continues to grow and address the needs of its residents. I am very pleased that this funding has been allocated for two very important projects that will have an extremely positive impact on both residents and businesses,” said Lucy Stoyles, MHA for Mount Pearl North.

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Featured image: (Government of Newfoundland and Labrador)


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