Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Tag: City of Vaughan

Vaughan Chamber of Commerce gathers leaders for discussion of transportation infrastructure

The Vaughan Chamber of Commerce convened industry and government leaders for a Transportation Forum to discuss long-term infrastructure investment across the Greater Golden Horseshoe...

City of Vaughan implements a first-of-its-kind Mobility Management Strategy

By Zoran Postic As home to a bustling downtown core, thousands of businesses and more than 341,600 residents, Vaughan is one of Ontario’s fastest growing...

New Green Municipal Funds for Ontario’s Golden Horseshoe

New federal investments are helping to lower emissions and increase the resiliency of communities, while creating jobs and building Canada’s low-emission energy future. Seamus O’Regan...

Healthcare at the heart of city-building in Vaughan

The first phase of a three-phase feasibility study to transform Vaughan, Ontario into a leader in healthcare research, innovation and opportunity is now complete. "Long...