The City of Vaughan released an overview of 2022 infrastructure accomplishments, progress updates and an overview of 2023 initiatives with its Infrastructure Development 2022 Delivery Report, that reported $166 million worth of infrastructure improvements were completed, doubling the value of work accomplished in 2021.

Working in one of Canada’s fastest-growing municipalities, the City of Vaughan’s Infrastructure Development portfolio has a critical mandate – to advance capital programs and projects. This means the team preserves corporate assets, prepares for growth and advances the city’s transportation system. In addition, staff provide consistent delivery and maintenance of municipal facilities, amenities and infrastructure that contribute to the well-being of the community – including parks and trails, new and renovated libraries and community centres, roads, bridges and the things we cannot see but are vital, such as underground pipelines and so much more.

Last year, many city-building milestones, transportation initiatives, active transportation improvements and infrastructure projects were undertaken and/or completed. Major strides were made toward improving the flow of traffic around the city, which will transform how residents and goods move throughout Vaughan.

“The City of Vaughan’s Infrastructure Development team is essential to driving forward-looking, prudent and strategic investments in Vaughan’s current and future infrastructure projects. In addition, the portfolio plays a vital role in implementing many of the strategic priorities outlined in the Council-approved 2022-2026 Term of Council Service Excellence Strategic Plan, including City Building, Transportation and Mobility, and Active, Engaged and Inclusive Communities. I want to thank the City’s Infrastructure Development team for their diligent work in advancing Vaughan as a fully connected community and ensuring the City’s many infrastructure assets and amenities can be enjoyed for years to come,” said, Mayor Steven Del Duca.

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“I want to extend my appreciation to the Infrastructure Development portfolio for their continued dedication to designing, delivering and maintaining infrastructure that improves the quality of life for residents. Each team within the portfolio supports critical city-building. These initiatives include parks and trails, renovated libraries and community centres, fire stations, roads, bridges and the things we cannot see, like underground watermains and so much more. These important elements bring the community together and provide services residents rely on each day. These municipal facilities, amenities and infrastructure contribute to the community’s well-being,” said Nick Spensieri, City Manager.

Highlights from the 2022 report are as follows:

  • The City invested $73.32 million in state of good repair projects and $92.34 million in growth-related projects, for a total of $165.66 million in expenditures. The State of Good Repair Program reviews the condition of the City’s current infrastructure assets, whereas the Growth-Related Program delivers new infrastructure to support growth, including community facilities and road infrastructure.
  • An investment of $38.8 million across 104 projects was made to the City’s road and bridge network. Projects include the Bass Pro Mills Drive Extension Environmental Assessment, the Canada Drive-America Avenue Bridge, the Kirby Road extension and widening projects, the Woodbridge Avenue Improvements and Streetscape Project, and more.
  • An investment of $44.49 million across 49 projects was made to the City’s water, wastewater and stormwater network. Projects include the Black Creek Renewal Environmental Assessment, the Keele Street watermain replacement, Old Maple Area improvements, stormwater management pond improvements, and more.
  • An investment of $47.94 million across 90 projects was made to the City’s facilities assets. Projects include the new Carrville Community Centre, Library and District Park, renovating Garnet A. Williams Community Centre, various facility improvements to Al Palladini, Dufferin Clark, North Thornhill and Vellore Village community centres and others, the new Fire Station 7-12, the new Service Vaughan service counter at City Hall, the LED Streetlight Retrofit Program, and more.
  • An investment of $39.45 million across 96 projects was made to the City’s parks and open spaces assets. Projects include the Bartley Smith Greenway Trail Feasibility Study, the redevelopment of Glen Shields Park, Phase 2 of North Maple Regional Park, the new Martin Tavares Park, adding off-leash dog parks and pickleball courts throughout the community, and more.
  • An investment of $11.34 million across 24 projects was made to the City’s active transportation network. Projects include the Jane Street Uptown Link, the Vaughan Super Trail, Courtland Avenue multi-use pathway, the cycling tracks along New Westminster Drive, Atkinson Avenue and Hilda Street, and more.
  • The Infrastructure Development portfolio continues to develop long-range infrastructure planning studies to support future growth. Projects include the Bass Pro Mills Drive Extension Environmental Assessment, the Integrated Urban Water Plan, micromobility studies, the Promenade Centre Secondary Plan, the Rutherford and Maple GO Mobility On-Request pilot, the Teston Road Environmental Assessment, the 2023 Vaughan Transportation Plan, and more.
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