The Governments of Canada and British Columbia announced a joint investment of more than $15 million to support public transit in Nanaimo, British Columbia.

The Nanaimo Downtown Exchange project will include the construction of an expanded off-street transit exchange on Terminal Avenue at Commercial Street in downtown Nanaimo, which is required for future transit expansion in the Regional District of Nanaimo. The project also includes an operator rest facility and layover parking nearby on Cavan Street, this facility will include washroom and break room facilities, bus layover parking and upgrades to allow safe access, and use of the site and is designed to provide improved operator working conditions.

“More than ever, public transit is needed to connect people to their jobs, communities, and culture. The investment our government is making in Nanaimo transit and urban development will create jobs, reduce green house gas emissions and improve community connections for a strong and vibrant Nanaimo,” said Patrick Weiler, MP, West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country.

This exchange will support a series of transit service changes that will improve bus circulation in the downtown area, and increases to transit service level frequency to develop the Transit Future Network. The transit exchange will also be designed to achieve the Security Achieved through Functional Environmental (SAFE) Design Standard certification, which is the industry standard to physical security that reduces the risk and fear of crime by design, policy, and shaping public spaces. This certification will help the local government create safe, secure and enjoyable places to live, learn, work and play.

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“Building a new transit exchange in downtown Nanaimo will support our government’s efforts to expand transit in the region so people have reliable, affordable and low-carbon transportation options to get around. The new exchange will also play an important part in revitalizing Nanaimo’s downtown core and help build a resilient community that people will be proud to call home,” said Rob Fleming, B.C.’s Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure.

“The new downtown transit exchange will better connect the region with affordable, efficient and reliable transportation. BC Transit is pleased to move this exciting project forward, and we thank our government funding partners for their contributions. We look forward to supporting a vibrant and revitalized downtown core with public transportation options that make travelling easier for our customers,” said Erinn Pinkerton, BC Transit president and CEO.

“The transit exchange will bring more people downtown to shop, work and visit our natural, historic and artistic treasures. Locating the exchange on Terminal Avenue is critical to building an effective transit system and revitalizing the heart of our city,” said Leonard Krog, Mayor of the City of Nanaimo.

Featured image: (City of Nanaimo)


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