Transport Canada announced an investment of over $12 million through the National Trade Corridors Fund. The six projects that received funding will improve Canadian supply chain efficiency by alleviating bottlenecks in key corridors.

The Government of Canada will contribute up to:

  • $5 million to the Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority to install non-intrusive inspection technologies for commercial vehicles that will facilitate more efficient processing and reduced wait-times for trucks entering the U.S.
  • $4.2 million to the St. John’s Port Authority for the wharf redevelopment at Pier 20 West and Pier 21 to address the growing demand for servicing inshore fishing vessels
  • $2 million to BlueNode Inc. to introduce an artificial intelligence platform that will improve supply chain visibility at Canadian ports and support greater collaboration among supply chain players through intermodal interfaces
  • $675,000 to the Province of British Columbia to conduct a study of the Moray Bridge to improve the efficient movement of goods and people, increase the capacity and reliability of transportation and trade networks and address the projected impacts of climate change on key infrastructure
  • $75,000 to the Corporation of the City of North Bay to conduct a feasibility study to identify and assess the options available to enhance the capacity of North Bay’s trade corridor
  • $74,500 to the City of Toronto’s Economic Development Program to assess the condition of old dockwalls at the Port of Toronto, resulting in a work plan to repair and upgrade the dockwalls to modern standards

“We’re working with partners throughout our supply chain networks to fix bottlenecks and make sure Canadian consumers and producers reap benefits from the efficient transport systems they rely on,” said Pablo Rodriguez , Minister of Transport.

“Our trade relationship with the U.S. is vital to strengthening our international trade performance and the prosperity of our middle class. This project will expand fluidity by reducing wait times for trucks entering the U.S. from Canada, including Niagara’s multi-modal network that is within a one day’s drive of over 44 per cent of North America’s annual income,” said Vance Badawey, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Transport and MP for Niagara Centre.

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“St. John’s exists because of our harbour. Founded on the fisheries, it remains one of the best fishing ports in the world. Continued investment in infrastructure will help keep it that way.” said Seamus O’regan, Minister of Labour and Seniors and MP for St. John’s South-Mount Pearl

“The Pre-Arrival Readiness Evaluation (PARE) project is an innovative technology solution to expedite Canadian exports at one of Canada’s busiest border crossings. Shipments entering the United States will be adjudicated while in transit before they complete the Peace Bridge crossing, thereby minimizing delays and congestion at U.S. customs inspection,” said Tim Clutterbuck, Chair, Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority.

“Today’s announcement highlights the federal government’s ongoing commitment to grow Halifax’s economy. This important investment will facilitate the acquisition and strategic relocation of ship-to-shore cranes, aiming to enhance operational efficiency and accommodate larger vessels in the Port of Halifax, all while strengthening supply chains,” said Andy Fillmore, MP for Halifax.

“Moray bridge links Vancouver Airport to Metro Vancouver, a crucial link in our supply chain. By investing in understanding how climate change could impact it and how we could make transportation even more fluid, our government is taking action to make our supply chain strong and resilient,” said Wilson Miao, MP for Richmond Centre.

“I am pleased to see that the City of North Bay has been granted $75,000 to conduct this feasibility study to enhance the capacity of North Bay’s trade corridor. This funding will ensure that they are able to identify and assess all available options to develop further and improve our local economy. I look forward to seeing this study’s positive impact on our community and businesses,” said Anthony Rota, MP for Nipissing, Timiskaming.

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“Toronto is a waterfront city. Repairing and upgrading the dock walls at the Port of Toronto supports the vital role of this infrastructure and helps withstand the impact of climate change. I’m delighted that we are providing funding for this important work,” said Julie Dabrusin, MP for Toronto, Danforth.

Featured image: The MV Algoma Discovery docks at the Port of Toronto. (CNW Group/PortsToronto)


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