The Government of Canada announced a $25,000 investment for a pilot project at St. Martha’s Regional Hospital to improve its energy efficiency.

The pilot will demonstrate the potential of using existing building commissioning (EBCx) to reduce the consumption of electricity, diesel fuel, mechanical systems operations and maintenance costs while improving comfort for both staff and patients.

“Nova Scotia Health is pleased to be collaborating with Natural Resources Canada to develop intelligent energy solutions,” said John Hann, Director of Maintenance and Operations, Nova Scotia Health Facilities Management Services. “This ECBx pilot project will deliver reductions in energy consumption, carbon footprint and operational costs, while increasing the sustainability of our hospital.”

EBCx is a process for optimizing performance and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from existing buildings. Lessons learned from this and other EBCx projects will be included in a comprehensive case study demonstrating the financial and operational benefits of commissioning practices as a low-cost way to improve energy efficiency in existing buildings.

Similar facilities in the health care sector can gain valuable insight on how to optimize their performance and budget for EBCx projects.

Federal funding is provided by the Energy Efficiency for Buildings Program, which is designed to help improve buildings’ energy performance while cutting energy costs, creating jobs and contributing to our clean energy future.

Featured image: St. Martha’s Regional Hospital, Antigonish, Nova Scotia

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