In response to the growing need for a truly representative voice for Indigenous construction companies, a group of local Indigenous construction businesses have banded together to form a unified voice on best practices regarding Indigenous engagement, capacity development, and procurement in the construction industry.

The Indigenous Owned Construction Companies Group (IOCCG) defines its purpose as an association to represent Indigenous-owned construction companies that seek to increase the socio-economic impact of construction activities for Indigenous peoples. It aims to support and advocate for economic reconciliation and was developed in coordination with the Saskatchewan Construction Association (SKCA).

IOCCG has identified the following responsibilities/mandates:

  • Advocating for best practices with respect to Indigenous procurement.
  • Advancing Indigenous economic development and meaningful engagement.
  • Driving individual growth for Indigenous people through the creation of careers.
  • Building capacity within the Indigenous community to meet the needs of a growing economy.

At this time, the group is made up of 10 different construction companies that are at least 51% Indigenous owned and operated, including individual, community, and tribal owned organizations. IOCCG is actively seeking to increase its membership.

“There was a need to unify the voice of Indigenous contractors, and we are very excited to facilitate the desire under a common mandate aimed at increasing the impact of construction for Indigenous people,” said John Desjarlais, IOCCG Chair and General Manager for Great Plains Contracting.

The new organization has defined its Terms of Reference, including membership and governance structure, and has elected a Board of Directors to serve in the inaugural year:

  • Board Chair – John Desjarlais, Great Plains Contracting
  • Vice Chair – Joel Morin, Agincourt Contracting
  • Director – Shaun Howdle, STC Industrial Contracting / Keys Welding Service
  • Director – Michael Orosz, Topa Contracting
  • Director – Des Dumais – Kihew Manufacturing.
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Featured image: (Great Plains Contracting)


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