Prime Minister Justin Trudeau kicked off his third mandate by announcing his new cabinet.

Dominic LeBlanc was named the new Minister of Infrastructure and Communities, while also remaining Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs.

Other ministers of note include Omar Alghabra, who was renamed the Minister of Transport, Steven Guilbeault, who takes over as the new Minister of Environment and Climate Change, and Filomena Tassi, who was named Minister of Public Services and Procurement.

“Canadians need a strong and diverse Cabinet to deliver on their priorities and keep Canada moving forward for everyone,” said Trudeau. “This team will finish the fight against COVID‑19, deliver on $10-a-day child care, help Canadians find a home of their own, tackle the climate crisis, and continue to advance reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. Together, we will work tirelessly to build a better future for all Canadians.”

The Residential and Civil Construction Alliance of Ontario (RCCAO) is looking forward to working with the new federal cabinet, especially with LeBlanc.

“We worked with Minister LeBlanc’s office in addressing the municipal funding crisis earlier in the COVID-19 pandemic and hope to continue that collaborative relationship, not only on that issue, but also on a host of other critical infrastructure matters,” said RCCAO executive director Nadia Todorova.

RCCAO is eager to work with cabinet to ensure that transit, transportation, and water systems remain a priority for the federal government.

“As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, investments in critical infrastructure such as roads, highways, bridge rehabilitation and water and wastewater systems will create jobs and help boost our economic recovery,” said Todorova. “These are necessary investments to help improve the quality of life for Ontarians.”

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Featured image: Twitter/@CanadianPM


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