Accessibility Standards Canada and the International Code Council signed an agreement that will facilitate the sharing of best practices and information related to building accessibility. This collaboration aims to improve and coordinate accessibility requirements in building codes and standards between Canada and the United States.

This is the first international agreement for Accessibility Standards Canada. It is the beginning of harmonizing accessibility standards across North America and the world. Accessibility Standards Canada will ensure that the standards it develops better address the barriers faced by all Canadians by:

  • reviewing existing international standards; and
  • developing new Canadian accessibility standards.

The International Code Council is a global organization. It facilitates an open, transparent and democratic process for developing building safety codes and standards.

“I look forward to what we will achieve together to benefit our respective countries,” said Philip Rizcallah, CEO, Accessibility Standards Canada. “Our hope is that the standards we create will become regulation in Canada. By collaborating with a proven standard organization, we are developing world-class standards and increasing the odds that they are adopted nationally and internationally. It also shows Canadians that the processes we follow to create standards align with the best practices around the world. Collaborative approaches to accessible solutions like this one help us make progress towards an accessible and inclusive Canada.”

The agreement between the Code Council and Accessibility Standards Canada will do two things:

  • Allow Accessibility Standards Canada to reference the Code Council’s standard for accessible and usable buildings and facilities; and,
  • Provide the Code Council with access to Accessibility Standards Canada’s model standard for the built environment, when available.
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“Building international relationships and connections is a high priority for the Code Council and it is essential that the global building community continues to find innovative ways to work together to improve building safety and accessibility,” added Dominic Sims, CBO, CEO, International Code Council. “It is encouraging to see the passion that Accessibility Standards Canada has dedicated to creating an accessibility standard that will improve the lives of Canadians and we look forward to the ideas and innovations our collaboration will add to the building community.”

Featured image: (International Code Council)


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