Transport Canada announced the signing of an agreement with the Canadian Pacific Railway company to move forward on the Lac-Mégantic rail bypass project.

This is an important step towards obtaining the necessary plans, specifications and regulatory authorization to complete this project. The agreement also includes several studies in the coming weeks on soil, water and fish habitat quality and on ambient noise levels. Transport Canada is committed to keeping property owners informed and minimizing the impact of the work while the studies are completed.

The final right-of-way plan has been completed and negotiations to acquire the land can begin with the affected property owners. A virtual information session will also be held with property owners to answer their questions.

In collaboration with Canadian Pacific Railway, Transport Canada established an accelerated schedule that will allow the project to be completed in 2023. This social reconstruction project will remain a priority for the government of Canada until it is completed.

“From the start, our government, along with our dedicated teams working on this project, have made advancing the rail bypass project a priority,” stated Minister of Transport Omar Alghabra. “This announcement marks the beginning of a new phase that will bring us closer to construction. I want to reassure the mayors and residents of the greater Lac-Mégantic area and tell them that the project will be completed in 2023.”

Featured image: Canadian Pacific Railway

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