The Government of Canada along with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) announced a total investment of $815,630 in 17 communities in New Brunswick, Alberta and Nova Scotia. This funding will help them make data-driven decisions about key infrastructure and ensure long-term infrastructure performance.

“From roads and bridges to buildings and wastewater systems – strong asset management is key to building stronger communities. That’s why FCM’s Municipal Asset Management Program is here to help communities in Alberta and across the country develop sound asset management practices and conduct data collection and analysis to make better investment decisions,” said Taneen Rudyk, President, Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

NEW BRUNSWICK ($144,460):

  • The Municipality of Neguac is receiving $50,000 to improve and continue developing its asset management plan. The municipality will analyze the lifecycle of its critical assets to establish detailed investment requirements for assets and develop a strategy for managing financial gaps.
  • The Village of Salisbury is receiving $50,000 to improve and continue the development of the village’s asset management plan. The Village will revise its plan to include the impact of climate change while expanding their inventory data by compiling and entering the information into the inventory tools.

“The Municipal Asset Management Program is supporting projects in New Brunswick that need to manage their assets more efficiently. Investments such as this will ensure our communities are stronger and resilient today and for years to come,” said Serge Cormier, MP for Acadie-Bathurst.

ALBERTA ($322,710):

  • The Village of Nigadoo is receiving $44,460 to improve data quality and access and to meet provincial requirements for the second phase of asset management.
  • The Town of Penholdis receiving $50,000 to centralize asset management data, which will make it easier to find the age, cost and condition of each of their assets.
  • The Town of Sylvan Lakeis receiving $50,000 for its stormwater data collection and model update project which will provide data for the geographic information system and update the existing stormwater model with current and accurate data.
  • The City of Brooksis receiving $50,000 to complete the first phase of the improvement plan that will address the highest priority actions over the first 12 months of the two-year plan, like improving asset management policy, developing a standardized system for grading the condition of the city’s assets, and improving risk assessments.
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“With accurate and up to date data, municipalities in Alberta and across Canada can make better planning decisions and ensure sound maintenance of the infrastructure their communities rely on in their day to day lives. Working with our local and provincial partners, we are helping communities in Alberta acquire the resources, training, and information they need to manage their assets efficiently while building economic resiliency and improving the quality of life for all citizens,” said Randy Boissonnault, Minister of Tourism and Associate Minister of Finance and MP for Edmonton Centre.

Nova Scotia ($348,46):

  • The Municipality of the District of East Hants is receiving $50,000 to assess current capacity of a water treatment plant and a wastewater treatment plant and compare that capacity to future treatment requirements. It will also collect asset management data for computer modeling of existing water, wastewater, and stormwater systems to determine asset needs.
  • The Town of Stellarton is receiving $49,950 to complete an inventory of its major assets including linear assets, buildings and structures and fleet, and develop a comprehensive asset management program document that will assist in operationalizing asset management in the municipality.
  • The Riverport Electric Light Commission is receiving $50,000 to implement a three‑phase asset management initiative to create an asset register for fixed infrastructure assets (including the electrical poles, transformers and distribution lines) using a geographical information system, prioritize the asset register in terms of consequence of failure and probability of failure and develop an asset management policy.

“We are proud to invest in infrastructure asset management projects to improve the quality of life of our citizens. This funding will ensure communities in Nova Scotia have the technology and resources they need to make informed decisions and follow the best management practices that will grow the economy and increase their resiliency” said Kody Blois, MP for Kings-Hants.

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Featured image: Enfield Water Treatment Plant. (Municipality of the District of East Hants)


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