The governments of Canada and New Brunswick announced a joint investment of more than $35.2 million to upgrade infrastructure at the Pays de la Sagouine and enhance visitor experience.

Funding will help the Pays de la Sagouine continue to offer an authentic, immersive Acadian experience to people from all over the world. The project involves the construction of new buildings on the mainland, a new footbridge to l’Île-aux-Puces, a multi-purpose trail that will include a nocturnal experience, a wooden boardwalk with a lookout, and a patio with kiosks.

“The Pays de la Sagouine has been a beacon of Acadian culture for 30 years. The characters that were born in the mind of Antonine Maillet, one of the greatest ambassadors l’Acadie has ever known, continue to amaze people who come from all over the world to experience l’Acadie of our ancestors. This investment will propel the Pays de la Sagouine into a new phase of its development, and allow it to continue to be a premier cultural destination for the next 30 years,” said Dominic LeBlanc, Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs, Infrastructure and Communities.

The Government of Canada is investing more than $21.1 million in this project. The Government of New Brunswick is contributing over $14 million.

“The story of la sagouine brought to life at Le Pays de la Sagouine has been instrumental to the Acadian identity and culture. It is fitting that, on this significant anniversary, we announce an investment in infrastructure that will ensure the long-term viability of the attraction. In addition, we are committed to confirming a permanent home for the New Brunswick Museum in Saint John soon, and we are taking important steps to ensure that everyone understands the complexity and full scope of this project so that we get it right. We will be making a larger announcement in the near future related to funding this important project for the province of New Brunswick.” said Daniel Allain, Minister of Local Government and Local Governance Reform.

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The governments of Canada and New Brunswick also announced joint funding of $8.4 million to support the planning and design phase of the New Brunswick Museum project, to prepare for the construction of more energy efficient facilities.

“The announcement made today launches work that will take place over a period of three years. It will transform the space and will add value to the experience we invite our visitors to enjoy.  And they will further enhance the beauty of Antonine Maillet’s work. Our mandate is to promote La Sagouine and an entire people and culture here and far beyond our borders. It is an important mission and we want to fulfill it as best we can,” said May Maillet, Chair of the Pays de la Sagouine Board of Directors.

Featured image: (Governemnt of New Brunswick)


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