Transport Canada announced an investment of up to $16.75 million for a project at the Port of Montréal under the National Trade Corridors Fund. This project consists of adding a fourth track on the Pie-IX railway bridge and building a storage area. The rehabilitation of the railway bridge, including the fourth track, involves adding 500 metres into the railway network of the bridge.

“This investment at the Port of Montréal will strengthen supply chains and make life more affordable for Canadians. This initiative will enhance safety, increase rail capacity, and reduce environmental impacts, underscoring our commitment to strategic infrastructure development and economic growth.” said Pablo Rodriguez, Minister of Transport and Quebec Lieutenant.

The project will:

  • preserve the long-term viability of the port’s container terminals;
  • increase rail capacity to boost the port’s commercial value by more than $1 billion annually;
  • reduce freight costs;
  • generate labour savings and strengthen modal interconnectivity at the port site;
  • ensure the safety of rail operations on the site; and
  • help to reduce environmental impacts by using rail freight over trucking.

“The support of the federal government enables us to consolidate the intermodal platform that is the Port of Montreal, and to strengthen the resilience and rail connectivity of our facilities, to the benefit of all our users. This effort is in addition to those already undertaken by our teams and partners to optimize the rail network,” said Julie Gascon, CEO of the Port of Montreal.

Featured image: (Port of Montreal)

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