The governments of Canada and Newfoundland and Labrador announced more than $23.8 million in funding to support 23 recreation, green, rural and public transit infrastructure projects across Newfoundland and Labrador.

Among the projects funded, enhancements to the Great Trail in Corner Brook will promote active transportation along the City’s waterfront, and the Shoal Harbour Causeway Bridge in Clarenville will be replaced to make it safer for motorists and pedestrians. In addition, the Inuit Community Government of Hopedale will extend its water and sewer mains to an unserved commercial area of the community, improving access to clean potable water and wastewater collection.

“Our government is driving impactful and lasting changes in rural communities by jointly supporting over 23 infrastructure projects with the province and municipalities across Newfoundland and Labrador,” said Gudie Hutchings, Minister of Rural Economic Development. “From addressing gaps in the Great Trail along the waterfront in Corner Brook, to installing watermains to underserved homes in Trout River – critical investments like these will provide our local communities with long-term economic growth and make a positive difference for Newfoundlanders and Labradorians.”

The Government of Canada is investing more than $9 million towards these projects. The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador is providing over $9.6 million, while the municipalities and other recipients are contributing more than $5.1 million in total.

“Municipal leaders have the insight into how best to improve their communities, and we support their efforts to responsibly benefit the people living in their areas,” added Andrew Furey, Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador. “All of these projects that we are funding today are necessary to help communities achieve that goal. We look forward to working with our federal and municipal partners on more projects in the future.”

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Project Information:

Community, Culture and Recreation Infrastructure Stream


Project Name

Project Details





Pool Repair

Repairing and
rejuvenating the
centennial pool and
associated building with
various architectural,
electrical and
mechanical upgrades.
The upgraded pool will
have a longer life span
of approximately 25-30
years for the Baie Verte





Great Trail
Phase I

Addressing gaps in the
Great Trail and active
transportation route to
establish a continuous
active transportation
and recreational route
along the City’s




Goose Bay


Upgrading the Amaruk
Golf Club to position it
as a year-round healthy
and active-living facility.





Green Infrastructure Stream


Project Name

Project Details





Partial Water and

Sewer Replacement –

Sunset Drive

Partially replacing
water and sanitary
sewer (95 meters) on
Sunset Drive to
increase the Town’s
capacity to manage
wastewater and
improve access to
potable water.




Bay de Verde

Sanitary Sewer

Outfall Pipe Repair

Installing a new
sanitary sewer outfall
and reinstate the
outfall to a high





New Forcemain


Upgrading the existing
forcemain to a larger
size and installing new
manholes to improve
the function of the
existing lift station.




Corner Brook

Mount Bernard

Avenue Reconstruction

Improving water and
sewer infrastructure,
driving surface and
street drainage

and adding capacity to
the trunk sewer for
wastewater to
accommodate the new
Acute Care Hospital.




Fogo Island

Water/Sewer –

Main Street, Seldom

Servicing nine homes
with water and sewer
and two fire hydrants
to provide clean accessible
drinking water and septic
disposal in the
community of Seldom.





New Water and Sewer

Extension, Main

Road Route 421

Installing new water and
sewer extension to
improve services
to residents.




Harbour Grace

Sanitary and Storm

Sewer Outfall


Relocating and installing
295 meters of sewer
and sewer outfall
pipe and 210 meters
of storm sewer pipe
to be compliant with
current Federal Fisheries
Environmental Guidelines.




Inuit Community
Government of Hopedale

Water and Sewer

Services to Wharf Area

Installing water and
sewer mains to

the last unserved area

to provide clean potable

water and wastewater

collection to a key

commercial area

of the community.




Inuit Community
Government of Nain

Sewer System Condition

and Capacity Assessment

Inspecting and prioritizing

the Community’s sewer

system to increase

its capacity to

manage wastewater.





Water Main Intake


Replacing the

drinking water intake

system  from the

pond to the water

treatment facility

to provide clean

and safe drinking

water to the community.




Middle Arm

New Chlorination System,

Booster Pumps and Filter

Installing two new

sets of chlorination

equipment, two new

chlorination buildings,

new booster pumps

and a new filtration

system which will

help provide potable

drinking water to

the community and

remove the

long-standing boil order.




of Bay D’Espoir

Dam and Intake


Replacing the concrete

dam at the intake

and installing a new

intake system and

screen at the Jersey

Pond to help

eliminate erosion

issues to improve

water quality

and public

safety at the reservoir.




Rocky Harbour

Transmission Main from

Chlorine Building

to West Link Road

Replacing existing

waterlines to provide

a new waterline

transmission and

more dependable

water source for the





Steady Brook

Lift Stations Upgrades

Including Emergency

Generators – Forest

Road, Dogwood

Drive and

Thistle Drive

Upgrading mechanical

and electrical systems

to provide a safe

and reliable sanitary

sewer pump station

for residents.




Trout River

Riverside Drive

Water Main Installation

Installing a watermain

to 10 homes to

provide residents

with potable water

from the town’s system.





Sewage Lift Station Retrofit

Retrofitting two lift stations.





Rural and Northern Infrastructure Stream


Project Name

Project Details

Federal Funding

Provincial Funding

Municipal Funding


Road Upgrade

on Bob Clark Drive

Upgrading culverts

and pavement

on Bob Clark Drive.





Shoal Harbour

Causeway Bridge


Demolishing the

old Shoal Harbour

Causeway Bridge structure

and building a new

bridge to accommodate

vehicle and

pedestrian traffic.





Minnesota Drive

Over Pass

Refurbishing an

overpass on

Minnesota Drive to

improve the quality

of the bridge and

the safety of residents.





Public Transit Infrastructure Stream


Project Name

Project Details

Federal Funding

Provincial Funding

Municipal Funding

St. John’s

New Accessible
Bus Shelters

Installing 10 new
accessible bus
shelters at bus stops
throughout the City
to expand customer
amenities and enhance
customer experience.





Featured image: The Shoal Harbour Causeway Bridge in Clarenville, NL. (Town of Clarenville)


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