The City of Calgary and its partners have released the final agreements for the event centre block and new community infrastructure improvements in Calgary’s Culture + Entertainment District.

“Calgarians who review these agreements will see a lot of familiar information,” said general manager of Infrastructure Services Michael Thompson. “Much of the information contained in these agreements was released in October 2023 with the announcement of final agreements.”

The agreements will give Calgarians insight into the partnership that The City has with Calgary Sports & Entertainment Corporation, the Province of Alberta, and Calgary Stampede. Redactions in the agreements released are in place to protect sensitive and proprietary information about the project’s partners.

The total price tag for the Event Centre Block project is $926.4 million, withe City of Calgary contributing $515.3 million, the CSEC $356 million, and the Province of Alberta $55.1 million.

This project is more than an Event Centre – with new community amenities and infrastructure including a downtown community rink, new public plazas and gathering places, and improved transportation networks for getting around. It will provide a year-round hub for sports, arts, and entertainment for the enjoyment of all Calgarians and visitors.

The design phase of the Event Centre Block is well underway, and we expect to share the design and break ground in 2024. The City will continue to share as much information as possible as the project progresses through the design and construction phases.

“2024 will be a big year for the Culture + Entertainment District and Calgary’s downtown as we and our partners at Calgary Municipal Land Corporation work to revitalize, refresh, and reenergize downtown Calgary,” said Stuart Dalgleish, COO and steering committee member for the Event Centre project.

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“The BMO Convention Centre and Victoria Park/Stampede LRT Station are nearing completion and progress is being made on the Green Line LRT, Arts Commons Transformation, Stampede Trail, and the 6 Street S.E. underpass. In the future, Calgary will also benefit from the Glenbow Museum renovation and the Olympic Plaza Transformation. “Along with the Event Centre, these are critical investments that, together, lay the foundation necessary as we progress towards a city of two million people.”

Featured image: (City of Calgary)


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