The Olympic Park, the agency that oversees Montreal’s Olympic Stadium, announced the launch an international competition aimed at fueling its discussions with a view to reusing and promoting the materials and structural components resulting from the dismantling of the stadium roof, which will begin in the summer of 2024.

Design and architecture professionals and students from around the world are invited to propose creative and innovative solutions in order to breathe new life into the components of the Stadium’s current roof. It is made up of a variety of materials, including the iconic cables that support it, its two interior and exterior membranes, as well as the hardware that supports the structure.

The competition is open to the international community in order to collect as many optimal suggestions as possible for the environment, the economy and society. The Quebec population will then be asked to vote for their favorite, among the eight ideas selected by a jury made up of recognized experts.

This initiative is part of a broader approach to sustainable development and the circular economy, to which could be added the design of an artistic journey made from roofing materials. All of these actions will give a second life to the roof of the Olympic Stadium, for the benefit of the Quebec population.

The promotion of Olympic heritage and legacy is in line with the mission of the Olympic Park. Designed for the 1976 Olympic Games, the Olympic Stadium made a massive contribution to the development of the metropolis.

A daring architectural creation by Roger Taillibert, the Olympic Park was built both for the presentation of the 1976 Summer Games and as the home of the Montreal Expos baseball club (1977-2004). Since its inauguration, it has hosted several thousand sporting, cultural, social, civic and general public events, thus shaping the event history of Quebec, with more than one hundred million visitors since its inauguration. Nearly fifty years after its construction, the Olympic Park stands out as a site of undeniable heritage value, particularly on a historical, emblematic, architectural and urban level.

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The two current membranes (exterior and interior) of the roof represent 42,000 m 2 , or a little more than 26 hockey rinks.

All of the cables that support the structure of the current roof total nearly 12 km, representing almost the entirety of the emblematic Saint-Laurent Boulevard in Montreal.

The roof structure is made up of 434 steel connectors that secure the cables.

Featured image: (Olympic Park)


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