In addition to light rail vehicles (LRVs) using electric power, the Finch West LRT’s maintenance and storage facility (MSF) is delivering on sustainability and green building leadership, with the MSF having received LEED Silver Certification.

The MSF’s new and innovative green roof covers 45 per cent of the entire roof space with a diverse range of hardy drought-resistant plants. The purpose of this green space is to help purify the air, reduce heat island effects and energy consumption, and increase biodiversity in the community.

In addition, this innovative green roof is helping to mitigate storm water runoff while functioning as a habitat for local bird species like Eastern Meadowlarks and Killdeer.

The Finch West LRT project is No. 23 on ReNew Canada’s 2024 Top100 Projects report.

The Finch West LRT MSF is deploying various sustainable practices on location, including the use of recycled and renewable materials to build the facility, incorporating low-emitting materials to minimize air pollutants, and advanced water efficiency technologies.

“Achieving the LEED Silver Certification is a testament to Metrolinx’s dedication to sustainability practices and green building leadership.  With faster and more reliable transit options, we’re reducing our region’s carbon footprint and revitalizing natural habitats for the next generation,” said Robert Candido, a senior advisor, Capital Communications, with Metrolinx.

LEED Silver certification is awarded through the Canada Green Building Council.

This certification is an international symbol of sustainability excellence and green building leadership. LEED certification provides a framework for healthy, highly efficient, and cost-saving green buildings, which offer environmental, social and governance benefits.

Featured image: Bird’s eye view of the green roof on the Finch West LRT’s maintenance facility where plants like Summer Glory, Blue Spruce and Coccineum are growing. (Metrolinx)

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