The governments of Canada and British Columbia have announced more than $14.88 million in joint funding to support work on 20 projects in the province under the National Disaster Mitigation Program (NDMP). Additionally, some municipalities and non-government organizations partnered with British Columbia to provide an additional $2,390,319 in support of these projects.

Of the 20 projects announced:

  • two will provide funding for the completion of risk assessments to inform flood risks for a total of $1.04 million;
  • nine will help communities identify specific impacts of a flood event on structures and people through the development of flood maps for a total of more than $6.34 million;
  • five will help communities plan to mitigate against future flood events for a total of more than $1.86 million; and,
  • four will fund small-scale structural and non-structural mitigation projects for a total of more than $6.03 million.

The Government of Canada cost-shares up to 50 per cent of eligible expenses for projects submitted by provinces and 75 per cent of eligible expenses for projects submitted by territories under the NDMP.

“People throughout B.C. continue to be affected by significant flooding events and we must do what we can to help prepare and plan ahead to mitigate risk. It’s critical for public safety that we work in partnership with all levels of government to support those people who need it, and help impacted communities become as resilient as possible in the face of natural disasters,” said Mike Farnworth, Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General.

Through the recently released Emergency Management Strategy for Canada, the Government of Canada is committed to working with provincial and territorial partners to better identify, plan for and reduce the impact of weather-related emergencies and natural disasters on Canadians.

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The NDMP reflects an investment of $200 million over five years, of which $183 million is available for cost-shared, merit-based projects with provinces and territories to reduce the impacts of natural disasters.

Since the launch of the NDMP in 2015, the NDMP has approved funding for 363 projects across Canada that are helping to build more resilient communities.


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