The design for the Highway 14 Realignment Project in British Columbia has been updated following feedback from people who live and work in the Sooke area, and the Consultation Summary Report has been released.

The project design was open for public feedback from Dec. 3, 2019, to Jan. 15, 2020. On Dec. 3, 150 people attended an open house in Sooke to look at proposed designs and provide feedback. The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure also received 200 submissions online, by email and letter.

Public input has led to the following updates to the design of the Connie Road to Glinz Lake Road portion of the project:

  • A new pedestrian underpass will be added to Highway 14 just east of Glinz Lake Road/Polymede Place to support active transportation in the region.
  • New eastbound and westbound bus bays will be added to Highway 14 at Glinz Lake Road/Polymede Place to better serve transit users.
  • The proposed Cooper’s Cove U-turn has been removed. Instead, a connector road between Manzer Road and Gillespie Road will allow Manzer Road residents access and egress from the highway via the new Gillespie Road grade-separated intersection.
  • This connector will provide an alternative emergency detour connection for Highway 14 between Glinz Lake Road and Gillespie Road.
  • Culvert sizes will be increased to accommodate crossings of amphibians and mammals.
  • Median barriers with road-level holes will be strategically placed to help keep small mammals from being trapped on the highway.
  • Approximately 30 streetlights will be added near side-road intersections to improve visibility for drivers.
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The Highway 14 Improvement Project includes:

  • widening and realigning approximately 1.5 kilometres of road between Glinz Lake Road and Connie Road;
  • a new “park and ride” lot on Gillespie Road; and
  • pavement resurfacing and shoulder widening along over 10 kilometres between Otter Point Road and Woodhaven Road.

The portion of the project from Otter Point Road to Woodhaven Road will be tendered this spring. Following completion of the final design, the Highway 14 realignment will go to tender this summer.

These corridor improvements total $85.7 million, with the Government of Canada contributing up to $30,233,000 through the New Building Canada Fund and the Government of British Columbia providing up to $55,482,000.

Updated project designs and the Consultation Summary Report are available on the project web page:


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