The Government of Manitoba has officially launched the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP), a program that will invest a combined more than $3 billion across the province over the next 10 years.

“Today’s launch is a major step toward creating jobs, economic growth and building safe, healthy communities for all Manitobans,” said Minister of Municipal Relations Jeff Wharton. “These investments will benefit Manitoba municipalities by fostering mutually beneficial partnerships that facilitate the way that people live, move, and build communities.”

Projects over the next decade will focus on value for money and positive benefits that will promote sustainability, improve public spaces, mitigate climate-related events, enhance public transit, and facilitate reconciliation initiatives for Manitoba’s diverse population, neighbourhoods and communities.

“Long-term sustainability strengthened through a principled and smart approach to infrastructure will enhance opportunities for building greener, safer and thriving communities while delivering on our Made-in-Manitoba Climate and Green Plan,” said Minister of Sustainable Development Rochelle Squires. “Creating a greener, cleaner Manitoba that is resilient and adaptable to climate change will sustain the environment for future generations.”

Innovative partnerships to support Manitoba’s recreation hubs, tourism, and northern communities will yield positive benefits for years to come. Program investments will focus on measureable outcomes as the province continues to attract world-class enterprises in provincial industries and deliver on the economic development strategy including Look North, Squires noted.

“The Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program will significantly benefit all Manitoba municipalities and help build stronger communities,” said Ralph Groening, president of the Association of Manitoba Municipalities. “We are pleased to participate on the consultative committee for the various infrastructure funding streams and will continue to work together to deliver municipal infrastructure priorities.”

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Through a continuous call for project submissions, ICIP will support infrastructure needs in Manitoba into 2028. To submit a project under ICIP or to learn more about the program, visit


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