GHD announced it has been awarded a $4.4M contract from the City of Montreal for the new Western Link Kirkland project, including the pedestrian bridge over Highway 40.

The new multi-use link will connect communities providing access to the Prairies River and the new Kirkland REM train station. The bridge allows pedestrians and cyclists to cross Highway 40 safely. In addition, the project traverses the future Great Western Park, currently in development on the West Island, which will connect the community to a natural setting. Local architects STGM Architecture and SidLee Architecture are part of GHD’s team to execute the three-kilometre project.

The pedestrian walkway is part of an initiative set by the City of Montreal to increase active and public transportation facilities while enhancing natural environments. Upon project completion, Kirkland residents will be able to access the future REM light rail terminal by foot or bike as an alternative to using cars. The walkway will continue off the overpass and lead pedestrians through the neighbourhood, connecting to the new community park. The walkway will facilitate residents’ ability to get around Kirkland without using their vehicles – one step closer towards reducing vehicle carbon emissions in the region.

GHD is contracted to execute the following:

  • Contract administration
  • Geotechnical and environmental services
  • Detailed design of the pathway and pedestrian bridge, and
  • Technical Assistance throughout the project

“The Western Link will provide the community with substantial benefits to residents and visitors. The area needs more infrastructure such as this that supports active transportation methods allowing people to leave their vehicles at home. This is a welcomed change enhancing the network for commuters, cyclists and pedestrians. We are honoured to be part of that change,” said Simon Vallee, GHD project manager and regional transportation market leader.

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Featured image: (City of Montreal)


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